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    How to Use: Revo Smart Cupping Massager


    Some users may experience sensitivity to heat and suction.

    Beginners must start off with Low Heat & Low Suction Settings and only use the device for 2-3 minutes per area and not exceed 5 minutes of use until the skin adapts to the device.

    Please read the User Manual Carefully and watch the video series below before beginning your cupping therapy journey!

    Part 1: REVO™ Therapy Intro & Cupping History Overview

    Introduction by Kait & Martin, Miami's Elite Wellness Coaches 

    Part 2: Buttons, Modes, and LED Indicators (Must Watch)

    Please Contact Support if your device isn't working properly or was damaged in transit for a Free Replacement

    Part 3: Preparation Before Use

    Apply to Clean Skin. Do Not Apply to Cuts, Sores, Etc. Disinfect After Each Use

    Part 4: Important Safety Tips

    Bruising is Normal, Blistering may Occur. Always Start with 2-5 min to Test Your Skin's Reaction

    Part 5: Using the REVO™ for Recovery, Pain Management, and Mobility

    All Natural Remedy for Recovery and Pain Management

    Part 6: Using Revo Smart Cupping Therapy for Reducing Cellulite & Skin Tightening

    Learn How to Glide the Device Across Treatment Areas

    Part 7: Using the REVO™ Enhancer Kit

    Supercharge Your Results with Pre and Post Therapy Oils & Creams

    Have Questions? Get in Touch!