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    How to Use

    With just five easy steps you can get started with Revo Cupping Therapy! Please reference your users manual (provided with each order) for additional details.


    1. Charge then sanitize your device by wiping down the cupping tube's exterior with a lightly damp disinfectant wipe before wiping the internal area of the cupping tube to ensure cleanliness and safety. Make sure every component is wiped dry before turning on Revo. 
    2. Turn on Revo by pressing and holding the power button for 1.5 seconds. Select your desired intensity of heat and suctioning.*
    3. It's recommended to disinfect then apply essential oils to the the targeted skin before applying Revo. Lather a light layer of oil then apply Revo to desired area. Please ensure there are no cuts, bruises, bumps, open wounds, or any other skin issues before applying. 
    4. Once Revo is applied, it will work its magic with a maximum of 20 minutes to prevent injury from overuse.**
    5. Gently remove Revo by pressing the pressure release/pause button before slowly pulling it off once you reach a satisfied time of therapy - wear your cupping bruises proudly!
    Once you become more familiarized with your skin's tolerance to cupping, and feel safe/confident, you may gradually increase the intensity and therapy time with each session for a maximum of level 12 intensity at 20 minutes a session. Please be sure to consult with a physician for their approval if you're in any way unsure about starting Revo therapy, or any other therapy for that matter. 
    *First time and beginner users must start with a very low intensity of level 1 for both heat and suctioning to ensure safety. Everyone's skin is different, so please start with a low-level setting to test with. 
    **First time and beginner users must not leave Revo on the skin for more than 2 minutes before checking skin sensitivity. Though it is extremely rare, your skin may have a negative reaction to suctioning or targeted heat. Please use with caution to assess how your skin reacts to Revo cupping. 
    Please reference our Terms of Service page for more information