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    Based on 289 reviews
    Hard to manage on your back on your own

    I love the massager but to use it optimally you need someone else . Hard to reach around your shoulders and back and release it . But I do think it made a big difference after the soreness went away .

    Thanks so much for your feedback Slobhan! Love to hear you're enjoying our product. We do agree, it can be a bit troublesome to apply our cuppers on hard-to-reach spots, but once you do, the benefits make it very much worth it! We're also in the process of designing a free app to control our devices, thanks to feedback like yours. Have a beautiful weekend!

    My knots are completely gone!! I sit all day working and my back was absolutely killing me. This thing was exactly what I needed, everything is loose now and i could finally focus on what's in front of me, highly, highly recommended

    We LOVE to hear this, Roderick! It's very true that experiencing discomfort from muscle aches or knots can be extremely distracting - this is why we recommend consistent use to alleviate and prevent future aches, knots, and general discomfort. Have a wonderful rest of your night!

    consistent therapy from home

    i've tried cupping before and loved it but the time and money to go to each professional session was too much, revo was the perfect replacement, the addition of red light therapy and adjustable heat is also a great plus!

    Your feedback means the world to us. Jake! Indeed, the combination of red light therapy, heat, and dynamic suctioning synergize to maximize your therapy session.. The best part? You don't need to rely on a professional session every time you need some quick relief! Love that you're enjoying your purchase, have a fantastic day!

    Great for recovery, general aches/knotting

    very good build quality, even better functionality - these cute little devices were exactly what i needed for my back aches, also tried it on my sore quads - literally works wonders, give it a shot

    Cute little devices' haha we love it! Thank you Mr. Holloway for your genuine feedback and you recommendation to others.

    Came back for more!

    As a physical therapist, Revo helps a lot with my clients whenever they receive cupping! Especially when you want to do self cupping, you can just place it to hard to reach areas compared to sillicone/fire cupping (Back, shoulders,hamstrings). I would definitely recommend this product since it has revolutionize the cupping world with its innovation! Place to put that feels good especially working with clients is this thing works wonders at the "palm" of the foot and the palm of your hand/forearm

    It is our highest honor to hear from satisfied physical therapists such as yourself, Mr. Fields. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions to use our cuppers on palms and feet. These are excellent locations to draw out tension from for a relaxing session. I'll be sure to have our team reach out to you in case your office would like to collaborate with us. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    I bought this as a gift to my parents that constantly go to massage parlors for a good massage. They're really happy that they can have a good massage at home now.

    Very thoughtful Corey! Thanks so much for your review.

    good service, better product

    This product is fantastic! Special thank you to Rachelle from support for the help :) this thing is a great way to get rid of aches from home. We don't really trust masseuses during these times so this helps us greatly

    Kristi, I want to let you know that this made Rachelle's day when I told her! Feedback on our product and servicing is so important to us to help us stay on the right track. Very thankful for your kind words.

    It's very strong; I use it as a lymphatic massage, and you have to be pretty oily to use it. I adore it, and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Everything arrived in perfect condition and at a reasonable speed.

    Thanks so much for your feedback Josh! We agree, applying some essential oils on the targeted skin prior to cupping is most optimal. We're doing our best to produce our own line of essential oils to add an additional level of synergy for our cuppers. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    surprisingly powerful

    This device has exceeded my expectations! Already tested and it is super strong. I used it in Mode 1 and it sucks the skin very precisely, loved the product and I can buy more with confidence! Congratulations to the seller for sending the device in an excellent condition, which has been tested and works perfectly.

    We're happy you're loving it, Bruce! We're sure you'll appreciate the combination of red light therapy, heat and dynamic suction and will maximize your therapy sessions! Feel free to reach out if there's anything we can help you with!

    This was given to me as a gift and It really made me happy! I love getting massages and with this, I can have it anytime I want. It's also easy to charge so it's very convenient.

    We totally understand, Lynda! It's really amazing to be ablke to ahve this wherever and whenever we want--especially when we need it most! It comes really handy and does not require experts to use. We're glad you're enjoying it!

    Perfect! I strongly recommend this!

    Thank you for the recommendation, Dean! We really appreciate it!

    5/5 Star Review

    5/5 Star Review

    beautiful little tool, give it a shot!

    5/5 Star Review


    The description is correct! Massages so powerfully. It's tingly but the m uscle relaxation is a pleasant sensation. I liked the product very much. I worked on my back, buttocks, and legs. Very relaxing, much more so than a regular massage. Improves blood circulation, too. Quick shipping! I recommend this product

    Your feedback is highly appreciated, Lorene! We're happy it makes you comfortable in areas we all need relief and relaxation. The best part? We do not have to go on a professional session!

    5/5 Star Review

    5/5 Star Review

    5/5 Star Review

    The device is perfect. Suction and heating modes are available in a variety of levels. They are all working greatly. Despite its small size, the device packs a punch. Power Mode 1 is sufficient for my needs. Very helpful and a good seller. Thank you very much.

    This is totally relatable, Jenny! Our cupping devices mostly surprise everyone with it's size and dynamic therapy combination! We are happy you're loving it!

    5/5 Star Review

    Everything you need for a session

    It's got heat, red light, and a whole lotta pressure! That's literally all you need to get the job done but it's also got a built-in timer, dynamic suctioning, and it's adjustable/wireless/rechargeable/portable.. wow, mouthful haha someone needs to pay me as a sponsor because I'm telling everyone! Basically, I love these cuppers. I have a ton in both my offices and a few at home for myself. My clients go crazy for these, paired with some solid stretching sessions, Revo is an excellent tool for keeping my clients happy and my offices efficient with their therapies.

    totally worth it! grabbed an extra one so I could get more coverage during each session

    I agree, Charles! Totally a must-have for everyone with not much time to go to massage parlors, having more than one device really maximizes your therapy time and coverage!

    4/5 Star Review

    5/5 Star Review

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