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    The Ancient Benefits of Cupping Therapy Modernized

    Modern Cupping Therapy Improves the Ancient Benefits

    Eastern medical practitioners began many therapeutic practices that are still in use today. One that grabs the attention of many modern people is called cupping therapy. The process is relatively simple and the benefits range from the generalities of deep tissue massage to claims of circulatory boosts, detoxification activity, and enhanced recovery speed. Although ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures have practiced this technique since 1550 BCE, it has found a resurgence of popularity due to the increased interest in natural healing. Proven benefits include relaxation, pain relief, and benefits for dermatological issues like acne. The anecdotal evidence from both ancient and modern cupping therapy recipients also claim that this unique treatment helps alleviate high blood pressure, provides relief for migraine headaches, soothes fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, and can even offer help with depression and anxiety.

    What Is Cupping Therapy?

    The person performing the traditional therapy takes a glass or ceramic bowl or cup, puts alcohol, a scrap of paper, or other flammable material into it, lights it on fire, and, as the fire goes out, presses the cup against your skin. The heated air inside the cup cools off and creates lower pressure, which sucks your skin upward into the vessel. This is usually done on your back, and multiple cups are arranged in rows across the surface of your skin. Modern tools like the REVO™ Smart Cupping Massager offer additional benefits without the risk associated with actual flame. It offers do-it-yourself convenience and unique features you simply cannot get with ancient techniques.

    Modern Cupping Therapy Improves the Ancient Benefits

    Technology improves on the healthcare practices that have stood the test of time, making a reliable therapy technique even more practical and beneficial. REVO™ Smart Cupping Therapy offers a whole new host of benefits by incorporating modern technology into an ancient practice. Featuring intuitive buttons and an LED screen allowing you to adjust six levels of red light therapy that boosts cellular growth, improves collagen production, and increases circulation for improved healing and skin conditioning. The dynamic "breathing" technology creates a rhythmic suction massage that offers improved circulatory benefits and a true massage experience, perfect for knotted muscles and inflammatory pain. Soothing heat is also built in with temperatures reaching up to 122°F (50°C). Users can also adjust the level of suction and heat intensity up to 12 levels, building up to their preferred tolerance for therapy. These modern features synergized vastly improves upon a time-tested practice to make REVO™ Cupping Massagers a convenient and affordable at-home therapy.

    Older methods may lead to skin irritation, bruising, and even burns from the hot cups or over heated air. If the practitioner uses poor techniques or hygiene practices, you may even get an infection or scarring in the worst cases. While the ancients had considerable insight into the health and wellness benefits, they did not have access to modern technology that offers a much-improved experience overall. Modern cupping therapy devices like the ones offered by Revomadic augment the age-old practice with new options and additions like red light and heat therapy performed in a safe and therapeutically beneficial way.

    The Revomadic Smart Cupping Massager offers the convenience of at-home cupping therapy in an affordable and easy-to-use way. While this ancient practice has offered many health and wellness benefits over the centuries, this modern take gives you even more. It offers safe, more effective, and convenient operations with unparalleled therapeutic results.

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